Writing is not something that is reserved for academia, or entertainment. Yes, there are some great authors out there that work in the field of novels, academics, and other formats that are standard. However, there is a growing number of freelance content creators that focus on just the internet. These article writers do a great deal of the heavy lifting that comes alongside with internet marketing. Often times, they do so without getting credit, serving as ghosts to millions of web pages, blogs, and directories. For those that are trying to make a splash in any major industry, hiring a good writer is imperative. However, amidst the many great scribes, there are a slew of bad ones, and some that will convince you to hire them with great marketing. When you hire lackluster creators, you get terrible documents.

Article writersThere are some simple signs that bad article writers seem to project. If you know the warning signs, you will not invest any money on their work, and that may save you a lot of money and headache. Just one set of terrible documents posted online could end up causing your site to get delisted. Once you’re no longer found online, you will have to fight hard to get back in the good graces of search engines. To avoid getting dropped from search results, make sure that you consider the following signs and run when you see them.

No Website, No Blog, No Roots

One of the things that you will see online often is advertisements for writing companies that do not have a website. No website, just a forum posting or a social media profile. This is not what you want to work within. If you find some random person posting on a freelance message board or a page that seems a bit weird, don’t jump at the chance to pay them to create content for you. Instead, look at their name and contact information and search for it online. If you see that they aren’t found anywhere, then you may be looking at the wrong person. There’s absolutely no reason you should hire someone that has no internet presence. Top notch scribes will have a page, a blog, and a portfolio that lives online and is updated often.

Outrageous Costs or Extremely Low Costs

When it comes to internet services, it’s often times a race to the bottom price. This is seen in web design, programming and of course writing. On the flipside, there are those that charge thousands upon thousands of dollars and deliver terrible results. You want to watch out for low cost solutions, unless you can have a litmus test as to what they are going to deliver for you. Do not pay for things that are under a penny per word, or something along those lines. The other side is expensive rates. If you end up paying a ton of money for articles that you deem are lackluster, then you’ve been had. Try to balance things out to be affordable and high quality. Even though this may take some time, it will pay off in the long term.

Difficult Communication

The next thing that you need to look out for is the way you communicate with certain companies. If you find yourself having a hard time contacting someone, via email or through telephone, then don’t use their services. If there is no contact email, and just a form, be careful. Sometimes these forms are used for affiliate marketing traps, and could get your email listed with a spam artist. Instead, try to find companies and writers that are easy to find, contact, and speak with. Make sure that you note the communication and see if they use proper syntax, language, and grammar. If they can’t compose a solid email or speak to you with a certain vocabulary, then you don’t want to trust them.

In the end, it’s up to you see these signs before ordering any articles. Do not get swindled, take your time and see what is offered, and at how much. Test the waters, and see why article writing is not going away anytime soon.

With the live chat software, generating leads has become less difficult to accomplish. As online advertisers can effectively interact with their clients, the potential to be contacted for transactions is increased. Regardless of the field they’re invested in, be it contextual advertising, display advertising, mobile marketing, revenue sharing, search engine marketing, or social media marketing, they may be exposed to a grand bunch as expected. Consequently, the chances of minor and major deals being made are higher.

How Exactly Are Leads Generated via the Live Chat Software?

live chatWith the online chat software and live support, more leads can be generated. Online advertisers must be dependable should they be approached to provide answers. Questions along the lines of “How many leads will there be?”, “How much is the approximate turnaround?” and “How are leads generated?” will come up. Shrugging these off isn’t supposed to cut it. While some can, other clients can’t grasp the concept behind lead generation with live chat programs. In most cases, they’ll hesitate before investing in products they are clueless about.

• Convenience

The live chat software makes it convenient for both online advertisers and their clients to handle arrangements accordingly. After basic details have been relayed, businesses can be initiated. Due to hassle-free transactions, leads are generated this way. Should there be a need for further discussions; each party is privileged to get through the other easily. Where communication is concerned, avoidable problems won’t be coming up anytime soon.

• Impressive Customer Service

With how promptly they can respond to clients, online advertisers will be applauded for their impressive customer service. Accommodating those with affairs to raise is important. If these people are unable to understand a few terms in a specific area of online advertising, there is an off-chance that no dealerships are bound to happen. Additionally, no good word will be put in and no referrals will be made. If getting them impressed is too much, having them content is the best alternative.

• Innovative Methods

Having online chat software installed means innovation isn’t out of the possibility. Online advertisers acknowledge brilliant ideas and unique business strategies are among the matters they are open to. Where internet marketing is concerned, they are likely to go all out. In the event they are looking at an expansion, they may consider investing more of their time and resources. Leads are generated this way as the chance of other like-minded advertisers being approached to become involved is usually accomplished.

• Regular Monitoring

With the chat software, online advertisers can keep track of their on-going business transactions. Leads are generated as no opportunity is missed. Errors are avoidable as the systems are always up-to-date. Should these arise, the support programs with agents on standby will have complications distinguished to be fixed immediately?

Customer Reports Regarding the Live Chat Software

After employing the live chat software, online advertisers have reported to have seen improvement in their businesses. Good customer reports mean leads are generated. As these support programs were designed to assist them and their clients with various concerns – from basic questions regarding services to technical issues, their reputation for providing quality services has improved. Additionally, if results haven’t been delivered, no financial exchanges are in order. Likely, the setup fee and the monthly fee are all they’re required to submit. As they are charged based on turnarounds, having satisfied parties isn’t surprising.

Author Bio

Unlike most chat companies, that either provide just Live Chat Software or just service via the use of another company’s software, we do both. We have our own software platform and employ our own agents. This enables us to innovate and respond to our customer’s needs much faster. This also results in greater cost savings for our customers and partners.

Software quality assurance is a very important part of the software development process, and also, the part that is most often misunderstood or underestimated. To people who are not involved in quality assurance, the process seems easy and straightforward. This is because they think that the difficult part is the design and development and that quality assurance is merely “testing”. Thus, it is not given sufficient time to properly complete the process.

Deloitte, a consulting firm that has already provided quality assurance services in Ireland for over 16 years, listed the top ten myths of software quality assurance that QA professionals will surely recognize from their experience. Clear up your misconceptions about QA testing and face the reality explained below:

1. Software quality assurance = testing.

The truth is testing is just one part of software quality assurance. An effective quality assurance process spans the entire software development process, from the requirements definition up to the product maintenance.

2. Software quality assurance aims at 100% error-free code.

Software will never be free of defects. Instead, software quality assurance aims to balance the trade-offs between quality, cost, time and risk to achieve the quality that is required.

3. Testing is easy.

Testing is more difficult than it seems because it takes vast knowledge of testing methods and understanding of business requirements and the software development process for anyone to become a QA staff. They are the middlemen for the software developers and business analysts.

4. Manual testing is not needed.

Actually, efficient testing is achieved through combining automated testing and manual testing.

5. Performance testing is always done only during the final stages of development.

Performance testing is done throughout the entire software development process. This is because most performance issues arise early on in the process and if they are not detected and fixed, they can turn into problems such as delays, reworks, or worse, cancellation. To avoid these, start the performance testing early on.

6. You can overlap testing to save time.

Effective testing should account for 20-25% of the software development process and should not be sacrificed. Shortcuts in testing might seem to save time, but actually, it only increases the long term cost of the system implementation.

7. Security is separate from testing and development.

Security needs to be integrated throughout the testing and development processes. Doing so aids in the timely detection and addressing of security issues early in the project and avoids greater costs due to late identification.

8. More scripts = Better testing.

Less is actually more. Risk-based testing is a technique that determines the appropriate testing levels for each area based on risks and system complexity. This way, more high risk items are given higher testing priority that the less risk ones. This technique helps in maximizing quality while minimizing wasted effort.

9. Analyst’s document. Developer’s code. Testers test.

In the past, the sequential process of implementing business requirements (i.e. definition by analysts passed to developers who code and then passed to testers to run tests and then sent back up for rework) might have been good enough. But now, continuous integration of software quality assurance staff in the process results in improved quality and efficiency.

10. Off shoring the QA function is an easy way of reducing the testing cost.

Offshore testing may provide significant cost savings but it also affects the interaction between involved people as well as locating development and testing resources. A better option is to offshore selected components but keep together the development and testing processes.

Web conferences are a requirement for emerging companies that want to expand. Conference calls are a thing of the past. Online meetings allow the people involved to make major decisions because of the many features of the web conferencing software in the market.

If you are planning to use web conferencing for you business meetings, you should know how to host the meeting. Here are the steps on how to ensure the success of an online meeting.

1. Planning of the web conference

Just like in any meeting, you should set the agenda of the web conference to prevent wasting of time during the meeting. You should list down the things that should be discussed and should be decided on. The flow of the meeting should also be noted. Important things should be tackled first to avoid missing to discuss them if time is not enough. There should also be a list of the people who are needed in the meeting.

2. Announcements and invitations

web conferencing softwareWhen all the planning is done, the people who are needed and are expected to be present should be informed. The invitation should be sent ahead of time if possible to give the participants some time to arrange their schedules. People with responsibilities during the meetings should be informed of their duties to give them time to prepare. If the people who will be participating live in different time zones, the meeting should be set at a time that is a good compromise to all.

3. Designing the presentation

Aside from the mentioned preparations, you should also plan the presentations that you are going to present on the online meeting. Make sure that it fits the time limit of the meeting duration and that all the required topics are discussed. It is also advisable to leave some time for discussion, especially if it is a business meeting.

4. Gathering of required materials

The next things to prepare are the materials needed. The hardware and the software required should be prepared days before the meeting. The basic required hardware includes a web camera, microphones, speakers and monitors. The web conferencing software should also be ready for use.

Don’t forget to prepare all the data needed for the meeting. They should be in digital form and should be stored in one place. Make sure that the data are compatible to be read in all the common platforms used by your company. If you are not sure if the data will be read by the participants’ computers, you should inform them ahead of time the data types that will be used.

5. Practicing and test runs

The presentation and the web conferencing software and hardware should be tested before the meeting. There should be an IT professional who will make sure that the technological aspect of the meeting will go smoothly. All the features of the web conferencing software should also be tested to make sure that they function properly.

During your campaign, your SEO company will likely recommend several services that emphasize the creation of high quality content. Your SEO company may even recommend hiring a professional writer to provide the content for your site in order to get the highest quality possible.

Below are three reasons why your SEO company puts such an emphasis on using high quality content only:

1.Quality Website: High quality content results in a good website and a good user experience. Whether your SEO company is planning on using the content on site or off site they will still want to create quality content. For content being published on your site, having good content will provide value to your visitors. For off site content, such as content written for guest blogging, you want to use great content to satisfy the host site and to entice their readers to come back to your site and see what other great stuff you have to offer.

2.Recommended by Google: High quality content is recommended directly by Google as the number one way to rank highly on their results page. High quality content is valued by the search engine and will absolutely influence your ranking positively. Google wants to make sure that they are providing their users with quality results, and it benefits them to rank valuable websites highly. Having great content is the best way to prove your website has value.

3.Avoids Penalization: Low quality content results in a poor user experience and may even result in a dropped ranking or other penalization from the search engine. Google and the other search engines take active measures to minimize the presence of low quality sites on their results page. One of the ways that a website is deemed to be low quality is if it is filled with low quality content (this type of content is not geared to human readers and is easily detected). Some common black hat techniques that results in low quality content include:
a.    Article Spinning
b.    Duplicate Content
c.    Automatically Generated Content
d.    Keyword Stuffed Content

Your SEO company recommends using only highly quality content that provides value to visitors because not only does it result in a great user experience, but it also increases your ranking on the search engine results page. There are many ways to get good content for your site, and if you don’t feel confident in your own writing abilities then the company you hire can provide it for you.

Making money online is definitely realistic and the opportunities are growing each and every day. The thought of not having to work a 9-5 job, choosing the hours that you want to work, and making thousands of dollars per month from the comfort of your home. One very popular and lucrative way to make money online is writing SEO content for a SEO company or companies. Providing content has become one of the most popular SEO services due to the fact that Google sees content as king. There is a high demand for these services as SEO is become a popular way to market a company’s products and services online.


Know that the competition can be stiff in this niche,so you will need to present yourself as the best or one of the best in your field. Here are four ways on how you can stand out from your competitors:

• You should be very credible. Be very careful when you are writing articles for a client. Make sure that all the information you are writing about is not outdated, stick with the facts. This is why it is important when doing your research that you only read up on information published within the last two years. We live in a society that is rapidly changing and you must be able to write content on the subject of the present, not the past. Unless of course you want to write an engaging SEO article on the history of a particular product or service.

• You should have an in depth of knowledge of how SEO works. SEO firms do not want to hold your hand. They want writers who are aware of what optimized content looks like. If your content continues to show up on the front page of Google, they will come back for more time and time again. To stay updated with the current trends, invest in SEO article writing seminars.

• Do not plagiarize. They did not pay you to copy and paste other material. Content that does not pass Copyscape is an easy way to damage your reputation in this field. The fact of the matter is they can’t use duplicate content because Google will not allow it. In fact, they will penalize you if you use duplicate content. To be safe,be sure to always check your work with Copyscape to make sure that your content is 100% unique. It’s better to check and see that by accident the article you just wrote is 9% plagiarized then to submit that article with the chance that the SEO firm will find out. Copyscape will tell you what phrases were plagiarized and you can easily write each of those phrases in your own words to ensure 100% original content.

• Prove to them that you are competent. SEO firms will not take a risk on you unless you show them what you could do. This is when it is necessary to provide them with samples of what you could do. In each of these samples write content that is 300-500 words in length containing a keyword that has a keyword density of 1-2%. Make sure that they are interesting as well and that the keyword is not obvious. Write articles in a variety of niches to demonstrate that you are flexible.